Vocal Coaching for Extreme , Hardcore and Metal Singers 

Screaming, growling and other extreme singing styles are very difficult to learn, and flat out dangerous when done incorrectly. Sound Minded Music Academy is the place to learn to stop straining, let go of tension and gain absolute control of your voice.

extreme metal and hardcore vocal coaching

Gain the confidence in your voice and skills you need to move onto the International stage and become one of the world's best singers.

Learn the secrets to screaming, growling and singing in a way that is sustainable and effective.

Christopher Mars will show you exactly how to survive, grow and dominate as a professional vocalist on the International Stage.

The method I use has allowed me to become not only one of the best metal singers in the world, it has also made me extremely versatile and flexible, able to sing any song in any style I want. My voice is reliable and strong, all day, every day; it’s there when I need it.

This method has allowed to develop a range that stretches from Bass to Contra-Tenor, given me control of dynamics from whisper quiet to shouting, and tonal variation from smooth and clear to distorted and screaming, all without straining, pushing or blowing out my voice.

The feeling of freedom you gain when you learn to truly let go and control your voice, to be able to do anything you want to do with it, is indescribable. No one should ever have to feel limited by their voice, and my method will give you the power to break free from your limitations and sing the way you’ve always wanted to.

Christopher Mars
Founder of Sound Minded Music Academy                 

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